Clinical research

Facilitates your microbiota research with the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test Lx

By merging the rapidness, preciseness and robustness of the RT-PCR approach with the comprehensiveness of the next generation sequencing, the GA-map® Technology drastically reduces the time from analysis to publication. 


  • No inhouse needed – we do the analysis for you and give you back the results for easy interpretation, including bioinformatic resources upon agreement
  • An easy and useful tool in patient treatments of IBS, IBD, diabetes type 2, lifestyle diseases, leaky gut syndrome and other gut disorders
  • The GA-map® Dysbiosis test is reproducible, standardized, and fast 
  • An increasing number of researchers have discovered the efficiency and simplicity of using the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test in gut microbiota analysis
  • Customized dysbiosis index after your needs 

The technology behind the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test

The technology uses single nucleotide differences in the 16S rRNA gene to identify predetermined targets at different taxonomic levels. Due to our proprietary probe-based hybridization technology, the test is reproducible, fast and easy to interpret. The test has gone through thorough clinical validation. 


The performance of the GA-map® test/technology is well documented through extensive verification and validation. The standardization and documentation of the GA-map® Test ensures highly reproducible results. 

ISO certified and CE-marked 

Genetic Analysis is an ISO 13485:2016 certified company. The GA-map® Dysbiosis Test Lx is CE-marked in Europe and available for research in the US.

Clinical validated

The GA-map®Dysbiosis Test is clinical validated through cohorts of subjects with normal gut microbiota and patients with IBS and IBD. Further, the test has been used in a number of clinical studies on numerus patient cohorts published in peer reviewed journals. (Link to publications). Hence, The GA-map® Dysbiosis Test is standardized and documented for clinical use.

Service Laboratory – we analyze and report your results 

Our service laboratory in Oslo, Norway can analyze the cohorts of your clinical research on gut microbiota and reporting of the results.  

Interpretation of the result from the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test

All pre-processing of the data is done by The GA-map® Dysbiosis Test analyze software. The test reports are automatically generated on the dysbiosis index (DI) and the bacteria abundance. The DI can be customized to your needs. Based on a deviation from a normal reference population, a measure of bacteria abundances and deviations to the references are calculated. The results are presented in an easy to interpret report form, containing the 48 preselected bacteria markers.  


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